Alexa Routines no longer change Alarm Modes

As title says, having an Alexa routine that’s action changes the Ring Alarm to either Arm Away or Arm Stay no longer works. This stopped working a few days ago.

Speaking to Alexa and saying “Alexa, Arm Ring” and “Alexa, Arm Ring Away” DOES work.
Having routines that trigger other events on mode change (home/away or disarm) DOES work
But setting it as a routine DOESN’T.

I’ve tried:
Rebooting Alarm
Deleting the Ring Device within Alexa, Re-adding it.
Unlinking my Amazon account and re-adding it.
Disabling/Deleting and Re-Addng and enabling the Ring Skill within Alexa.

Nothing has helped. Please advise.



I’m having the same issue, which first began a few days ago about the time of your post.

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Same here. It stopped working for me 2 days ago.

Same here. I ended up just deleting the old action to arm or disarm and created new customized actions using these and it works fine.

Arm Ring Home Mode
Arm Ring Away Mode
Disarm Ring; #### (my pin).

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We are having the same problem here as well. We have a routine where we tell Alexa to shut off all the lights and arm the alarm. 3 nights ago, the alarm quit arming through the routine. We can still voice arm the alarm, but not through routine.

That’s a good workaround.