Alexa routine works but not the actual motion

Hello. All of a sudden my Ring cameras don’t work with Hue to turn my lights on when the Ring Doorbell cam picks up motion. The routine works on Alexa though. I also get a notification that someone is at front door from the Ring app so that works as expected. Anyone else having the same issue?

Hi @user69809. You can find information about your Alexa routine here. I suggest revising your routine and seeing if that helps.

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I deleted the routine and recreated it. Still doesn’t work but playing the routine does. Motion doesn’t work.

Hi @user69809. Your Ring devices and Hue devices are not directly integrated, they are only connected through the Alexa integration. In your initial post, you mention that the motion notification comes through from the Ring app normally, indicating that your Ring Cameras are working as intended. This means the issue would be related to either something on the Hue side, or something with Alexa.

Make sure your Hue and Alexa devices are fully updated, and check if your Alexa app needs to be updated. If the Routine continues to not work, I’d recommend visiting Amazon Alexa’s Help Center for further support.

Hi, I’m having the exact same issue - I contacted Amazon & Ring and they both point the finger at each other. I’ve updated the app, deleted, recreated, changed bulbs etc. Still no joy I even tried the garden camera with motion to see if it would bring the lounge light on and it does not :frowning: it seems this has been an on going issue for a while

Hi @Lynx7. It’s important that both the Ring app and the Alexa app are updated, as the Alexa app is what is controlling the Alexa Routines. If your Ring devices work properly on their own, that does point to the issue being within Alexa. You’re welcome to share a screenshot of what your Alexa Routine looks like and I can see if there’s any changes I might suggest. I am also not sure which light bulbs you are using, and how compatible those are with Alexa.

Yes I’ve updated both apps religiously, I’m using ENERGIZER smart bulbs which work with Alexa and voice controls. I have attached my screenshot below.

@Lynx7 Based on the picture, this is a Routine to have your hallway light come on when someone rings your front doorbell, not when motion is detected. If the doorbell press is properly registered in the Ring app Event History, then that indicates that things on the Ring side are working properly. You could try to set up Routines using Ring devices and excluding the ENERGIZER bulbs to narrow down where the issue lies exactly.

Yes thats what I meant to have the routine to have my hallway light come on when someone rings my front doorbell. It doesn’t work, Do I need to purchase a Ring Bridge?

Hi @Lynx7. I am happy to chime in. A Ring Bridge will not work with third-party smart lights. The Bridge will only work with Ring Smart Lights. As Caitlyn mentioned, if your Ring devices are working correctly and just the lights are not turning on with the routine, then it is something to be looked into by Alexa support, or it might also be a limitation issue with the smart lights you have.