Alexa Routine with Step light Solar not working


I currently received my new Solar Step light with Ring Bridge to play with. When attempting to set up an Alexa routine to have the light come on at a certain time, it did come on, fo 1-2 seconds, than immediately turns off. The Ring skill gives options of duration up to 15 minutes, and even then, light would not stay on for more than 1-2 seconds. Appears to be a bug in the Ring Skill. Would like to integrate with Alexa to have more flexibility (weekdays, weekends, etc.) Thank you for the help


I’m experiencing the same issue, but I’m still unclear as to whether or not it is a bug with the Amazon skill or user error by not selecting the right settings. Is there a more detailed overview of what all of the available settings for in the Solar Step Light in the Ring App do? Same question for the Amazon Skill.