Alexa Routine - Turn on Motion Announcements

Hi all,

Really struggling to find a solution for my query.

I have two cameras, Ring doorbell + stick up cam for my rear garden.

I have the devices connected to my Echo Show for Ring notifcations (motion notifications not enabled).

I wanted to create a routine to have motion announcements enabled on my Echo Show between 01:00 and 06:00.

I tried to do this via motion schedules in the Ring app but Alexa ends up alerting to all motion; I tried to do this via a routine in Alexa but it says Ring is not supported.

Any suggestions?


Hi @user29204. At this time, there is not currently a feature that will allow you to schedule announcements on the Amazon Alexa. I suggest adding this to a feature request with the Amazon Alexa team, so they can integrate it with the Ring ecosystem.