Alexa routine trigger for when alarm is going off

Why on earth is this not yet available? It so absolutely basic… please add this feature asap.

I just bought the Ring Bridge with the Ring bulb do to seeing the above try to run lights when alarm triggered. Bridge does not have a way to be link to Alarm nor the bulb. Alexa can see it and use with no issues. I called Ring when I first got the Base Station - not pro - and I was told then I needed a Bridge to control lights. Well called Ring today and there is no way to link the bridge or Light to the Alarm. I told them this is nuts when Iris Lowe’s and Vera and other units have this basic setup no matter which base unit you have turn on lights when alarm triggers. Rep claim they have a meeting soon. I pleaded to have the options to run light when alarm triggered no matter which base you purchased. We have been waiting for a couple years or more and read the complaints and suggestions on the subject. We this now; not another couple years. What a great disappointment on this subject. Other than that I like Ring, but I really do miss Iris Lowe’s.

Feb 24 and still nothing on this…seems like would be basic and useful routine for all that have ring alarm… ugh

I do this now but with arming the mode in “HOME” instead of “AWAY”. When I say to Alexa “Goodnight” she turns off all the lights, turns off the TV and sets the alarm.

This is ridiculous that this is not an option. Now that Ring has been integrated with Amazon, it seems the service and features are going down hill. I really like the product if only they would keep up with features that are important to users.