Alexa routine trigger for when alarm is going off

And a vote to request this from me too please.
Amazed it’s not available but would be appreciative when it is.

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Please add this feature, i would love to switch on lights when the alarm goes off.

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A few years now and still nothing from Ring on this a basic function available on most other systems nowadays.

This is by far the biggest thing missing from the Ring / Alexa integration. Any updates on this whatsoever? Any official feedback whatsoever? Seems extremely poor that it’s not even being addressed.

I’m going to dismantle the system otherwise and see if a relay/switch can be triggered from the the active siren request side of things too. Eg: whatever powers the siren to go off, this could trigger a relay or switch to activate something else.

Bump!! We need this…

+1. Had thought we can do this all along, now realized that we can’t. What a bummer with such a basic but essential function.

After spending thousands of dollars for an extensive Ring system, I find this missing capability baffling. Can someone from Ring please respond as to whether this “feature” is going to be added and when?

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+1 for this feature!

I finally figured out a workaround and tested it successfully.

  1. Alexa App: Enable Ring skill and link the Ring ↔ Alexa accounts if you have not already done so.
  2. Amazon App: Purchase a Ring SmartLight to be dedicated and used only for this purpose (A19 = $15)
  3. Ring App: Add the dedicated Ring SmartLight. It will be automatically added to Alexa via the Ring skill.
  4. Ring App: Create a Ring Light Group to dedicate only for this purpose.
  5. Ring App: Add dedicated light into dedicated group.
  6. Ring App: Add dedicated group to Ring Alarm’s linked devices under Alarm Sounding.
  7. Alexa App: Create routine that is triggered when the dedicated light is turned on.
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Still nothing? Have a smart outlet/light that should turn off if alarm sounds (so it doesn’t blind me) and no way to do it!

Nice workaround, but it does require either a Ring Bridge or a 4th-gen Echo to be in the mix if you don’t have the Ring Pro Base Station (it apparently has a Bridge built in).

Bumping this up again. When is this feature coming out. I miss my expensive ADT system just for this reason.

Just ordered a new bridge on eBay for $24, the light on Amazon for $15. Well worth the $39 to get this missing feature to work since apparently Ring hasn’t added it in at least two years. SMH

How many poeple need to ask for this before even receiving a decent answer from Ring?

Agreed. Just got the alarm system and I’m bummed. No excuse to enable this as a routine.

TL:WR; Pictures are worth a thousand words. Don’t trust Alexa to actually detect your devices using a Ring hub.

While this is a “decent” work around, I wouldn’t trust Alexa to detect it properly. There is a serious communication error between the Ring skill and Alexa. Every device currently hooked to my Ring system was hooked to an ADT system with and then using the Alarm skill with Alexa. In those three years, not once did a single device show unresponsive unless it was truly dead. I’ve had this system for less than a month and every day I get this:

And yes, have tried resetting the skill. Have power cycled every device. And then I made the ultimate mistake. I removed my thermostat from Alexa by using the “delete device” in Alexa thinking that might fix it. FYI; if you do that, Alexa will not recognize that device again. Why? Because it has been marked as deleted in its database and won’t re-add. You can confirm this by the thousands of posts of other users like me that found this out the hard way and Amazon refuses to fix it. Oh and before anyone chimes in “That doesn’t happen to me!”, there are thousands of us that wish we were as lucky as you. So how did I get the thermostat to work with Alexa again? Now have my thermostat connected to a SmartThings hub and then used the SmartThings skill to hook it back to Alexa. Side effect, I can’t hook it back to the Ring hub, where it should be, because of this fact. But at least I have voice control of my thermostat again thru Alexa.

Ring missing simple features like this is starting to get to the point of being unconscionable. Sadly, I am starting to think I am getting what I paid for. Yes it’s a LOT cheaper than ADT. But ADT actually works.

TL:DR; Pictures are worth a thousand words. Don’t trust Alexa to actually detect your devices using a Ring hub.

I checked and Homebridge gives Apple Home support to automate when the ring alarm triggers. So you can handoff to an Alexa routine way more accurately.

Figured out that a Ring base station can only handle around 35 ZWave devices properly (have over 60 devices). Ended up moving everything not made by Ring to a SmartThing ZWave controller and Alexa is now showing the correct status for everything.

Where did you see this 35 device limit? Just curious because I currently have 36 devices (all Ring motion sensors, contact sensors, keypads, range extenders, etc.) connected to my Gen2 base station.

Waiting for this feature to be added for so long.

Please add the ability to create routines based on “Ring Alarm triggered”, we would like to turn all lights on and/or raise all blinds based on this event .