Alexa routine trigger for when alarm is going off

This seems like it should have been added in version 1… Ring cannot turn any lights on, or activate any products upon the Alarm ringing? That just makes no sense. I would like to have it turn on all my smart lights. So far, I haven’t been able to figure out how to make them do that, but I will keep trying.

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It looks like this has not received any helpful responses. Does Ring or Alexa people monitor this community?
What I want is to be able to have triggers linked to motion and doorbell rings so I can turn lights on in the house for a deaf friend. Say a white light for motion and a red light for the doorbell.

There seems no way to do this which is amazing. I can do it in my house because I have my ring devices integrated using Homey Smarthome hub. I can virtually act on any smart home device based on my Ring device status. But for my deaf friend this is not an option. Smarthome hubs still require far too much technical fault finding expertise for people without this background.

If anyone has managed to do this can you please let me know.

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I’m hoping someone will see this and implement these helpful Alexa triggers. I also want to turn on the lights and play the police scene in the nanoleafs and RBG leds when the alarm goes off!


AMEN!!! Please add.

Yes +1 for this. Just got smart lights added for arm and disarm but also want all lights on if alarm triggered. Please add this functionality!

+1. This is the second thread asking for this.

REQUESTING: Add mote options to routines so more logic can be used. If alarm is active, has alarm been triggered.

USE: Id like to have my lights turn on if there is motion detected from the door camera but only if the alarm is currently set, there are a few other uses to EG shed door opens when alarm is set i want to be able to do things.

At the moment there is only an Alexa ‘skill’ for the base station to set off a Alexa routine if the alarm is set to home/away/off. An additional case statement for when alarm goes off (perhaps also include deactivated) will allow a routine that can, for example, switch on hue lights, make announcements on Echo devices, switch on radio etc.

Must: Need to be able to change email account–people move around, right?

Highly desirable: More ring tones, choices too limited. Users could suggest by the truckload.

I’ve tried using armed,stay and disarm as a trigger in Alexa to perfusion routine and it just doesn’t seem to work… is there anything else I need to be doing please?

Should be great to have Ring Alarm station as an actionnable device in Alexa.

It allows great things in combination with Alexa enabled devices

Would be great if Disarm, Home, Away trigger within Ring app could be used as a trigger for Alexa routine i.e. Active smart bulbs at night when alarm armed in away mode etc.

Such a basic option, please add so you can do a routine while Alarming

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@Tom_Ring @Caitlyn_Ring Still waiting for the feature. Any update on if this is in consideration or development?

The ability to trigger routines based on Ring ‘alarming’ is a highly desirable feature. This proposed feature would enable to ‘turn on lights’ or ‘turn all lights to red’ or ‘strobe lights’ or turn on an outlet which could power an external siren or other electrical items. Please consider adding this feature, as it seems this could be developed with little effort, yet provide great customer satisfaction.

Ring, we are STILL waiting. This is absurd.

@Tom_Ring @Caitlyn_Ring


So disappointed after investing so much in Ring with multiple properties… @staff @Tom_Ring

I mean this should be a base feature for all ring/smart homes now and days. You rellay should add this, your competitors do.

Agree with the above, my whole home is smart, the ability to turn on the lights, turn them red, flash and raise the blinds would completely get the attention of neighbours. Please add this feature to Alexa Ring.

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