Alexa routine trigger for when alarm is going off

Add option to setup routine that will turn on light switches (z-wave) and Spotlight lights when the alarm is alarming in both away and home modes

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I’m trying to work out a way to trigger my existing Hue lights to turn on if my Ring alarm is alarming. I specifically don’t want it to be based on the state of individual sensors, which there seems to be no way to set as state dependent in an Alexa routine (ie only if Ring alarm in away mode etc). Ring allows Alexa routines to be triggered based on armed status, and I was wondering if there’s any way to expand this to include whether the alarm is currently sounding? Thanks!

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I see my post has been merged into this, didn’t realise it was an existing thread. Any movement Ring?

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I am still waiting for this as of 04/09/2022


Is this still not an option?

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Really surprised we can’t do this. Please add this feature. I would want the option to turn lights on dusk to dawn when in home or away mode and the alarm delay entry or alarm bell is going off.

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I dabble in programming and this seems like it would be such an EASY thing to add. @staff why are you not taking customer feedback and implementing this? As a customer who purchased a ring alarm and may potentially consider purchasing the remote monitoring plan, I can’t in good conscience do that if you can’t implement one of the most menial, but important, features customers are requesting. I don’t remember which one, but someone I spoke with even said a competitor of yours has this feature.

+1 I also bought this beleaving that such an obvious feature existed. Why is ring ignoring all these requests? :disappointed:

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I found a workaround using Apple’s HomeKit but it’s not a general solution since it involves setting up third-party software ( By adding my Ring system to Homebridge, the alarm appears in the Home app on my iPhone and I can create an automation to turn on all the lights when the alarm is “triggered.” Not sure why this can’t be done on the Alexa side.

Don’t be selfish to try to get us to buy more sirens. We need this feature.

Not for the average home user, but I was also able to work around this by using a Node-Red flow and Ring-related package. Now when the alarm goes off it can trigger an event in my HomeSeer system to turn on all the lights, flash LEDs, etc.

Still, it would be nice to be able to use a simple Alexa routine for those that want to.

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+1 vote. Ring, please add this feature.

Another Vote. I have Hue or Wyze bulbs I would like to trigger.

One thing I already miss from my 25+yr old ADT alarm system is its ability to control smart lighting in the house based on certain alarm system events. It did this using ancient 1970’s X-10 technology…

for example my old ADT system could:

  1. upon Arming the system, at start of exit delay turn on some lights

  2. upon coming home and triggering the front door Entry Delay, turn on some lights

  3. upon triggering the burgler/fire Alarm, in addition to sounding the siren, turn on (or blink) all the house smart lights


Now along with my new Ring Alarm I already have a bunch of Alexa-enabled wifi smart light switches and sockets in my house. I should be able to do the same, right? Well… not quite exactly

I know that all my Ring Alarm sensors now show up as devices in the Alexa app as triggers for Routines , so I can now create routines based on contact & motion sensor activity (thanks!). However the Ring Alarm system itself only has these 3 Alexa Routine triggers: Armed Away, Disarmed, Armed Stay

I can already use Armed Away to trigger a routine to turn on the Porch lights when I set the alarm and leave the house (#1 above). And while I can set a routine based on the front door opening, that’s not really the same as when the entry delay starts, e.g. opening the front door when system is disarmed and I’m already home, I don’t need to turn on the hallway light. And there’s no way at all to create a routine based on setting off the alarm/siren. So I currently can’t replicate those actions #2 and #3 I mentioned above.

So, my Feature Request:

Please add 2 new Alexa Routine triggers for Start of Entry Delay, and Alarm Triggered… that would let me set up routines to fill in the missing functionality. Thanks

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Similarly, I’d like to Change the Ring Mode setting when I run a routine. I like to have the Mode on AWAY when I go to sleep (even though I am home). When I say, “Alexa good-night”, she runs through several commands, but she doesn’t have the ability to change the mode to AWAY.

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I too wish for the alarm to be able to control a ge smart switch upon alarm trigger.

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I like your ideas and these are features I would use too.

Trigger alarm and turn on all lights would be good idea. Thieves don’t like lights. Also would help prevent people from accidentally shooting a family member in the dark if they draw a weapon. See, these features can save lives!


Thieves don’t like lights. Also would help prevent people from accidentally shooting a family member in the dark if they draw a weapon. See, these features can save lives!

Being able to turn on the lights automatically via Alexa when the alarm goes off would be really useful and, as bradium stated, could save lives.


Yes, please! This is something I’ve wanted ever since I’ve started using Ring, and was disappointed when I found out it wasn’t a feature.

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It is very disapointing that the integration with Alexa is so limited, expecially since both Ring and Alexa are part of Amazon. I would have thought the various teams would have found a way to work together on the integration of both systems.

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