Alexa routine not triggering when contact sensor status change

Hi All,

I can’t get my Contact Sensor routine to trigger.

Simple routine
When Contact Sensor Open → Echo Dot say “Front Door Open” → All The Time

I have deleted and made the routine over and unplugged the echo dot and it never triggers. If I manually trigger the routine the echo dot says what I want and if I look in the Alexa app and open and close the door I can confirm the status changes live and accurately in the Alexa app.

I have the Ring status set to Home and disarmed.


Hi @81b0ebef4f59a0a8f52be43b09c411. Have you tried resetting the Echo Dot at all yet? If you haven’t, I’d suggest giving this try. I found these steps on the Amazon help center here, which should help you reset your Echo Dot. From there you can relearn the Ring skill in the Alexa App and set up the routine again. Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile: