Alexa routine can't control the light on the security floodlight

Hi all,

I am trying to set up an alexa routine that turns on my outdoor floodlight when motion is detected via my indoor Ring alarm motion sensor. The routine sees the motion sensor fine, but only recognizes the floodlight cam as a camera. Because of this, I can not trigger lights on or off from a trigger in alexa.

Is this just how it is? I would think that we’d see lights, motion, and camera devices.

Hi @Keo. I appreciate you letting us know what you’re seeing on your end in the Alexa App. In short, you are correct that Alexa will not recognize the Floodlight Cam’s lights as it only recognizes Ring Cameras as video devices. With the way the integration is established, Alexa doesn’t have the ability to turn on your Floodlight Cam’s lights independently.

It did in the first version of the RING Skill in Alexa. For some godforsaken reason, this feature was removed.

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