Alexa ring routine works sporadically

I have a stick up cam at the barn. I have an Alexa routine setup to say “motion detected at barn” triggered by the camera motion. This works when manually executed. It also works as it is supposed to, sometimes.

For example. As I walk in front of it in the morning on the way to my run, it executed. An hour later when I return and walk by it again, it doesn’t. I’m not sure but it might only execute once per day. There are no time schedule limitations set up.

Any ideas? Thank you.

I figured it out. I had the Alexa routine speak on my phone " motion detected’. If I had recently used the phone the routine works. If not it didn’t work. I think there is a bug that Alexa tries to execute a step in the routine. In this case speak on my phone. Alexa sends the speak command but the phone is sleeping so she can’t execute it.

I changed the routine to speak on the ech for instead of my phone and from that point forward it works every time.