Alexa Live View Inconsistent

Alexa had been working correctly until the last month or so. Now it is often a little slow connecting live view to my doorbell and almost never can connect live view to my garage camera. However, all of the motion detections from both cameras trigger an alert on Alexa.

I tell Alexa to Show my Garage, it shows that it is waiting for a connection to on the screen, and times out 99% of the time.

All of my Mac, iPad, and iPhone Ring app connections work correctly. The garage camera event alerts, history and live views all work correctly.

I have disabled and enabled the Ring skill on Alexa. I have unloaded and reloaded the Ring app and the Alexa app on my controlling iPhone. I have removed and reinstalled the camera devices in the Alexa iPhone app. I have powered down and restarted Alexa. After these steps I might get a successful live view to for my garage camera, but rarely two successful ones in a row.

Anyone had a similar problem and found a solution?

Is there a different device that works correctly 100% of the time to give me live views of my Ring camera that I could get to replace Alexa? I want to be able to be in my breakfast areas and monitor my Ring cameras.