Alexa greetings in UK

I know our country is not as big as yours but why can we not have Alexa greetings and quick replies in the UK?

Totally agree, cannot fathom why this is not a feature in the UK.

Only recently bought the Ring alarm setup with a few extras, and then whilst shopping noticed the Pro 2.

Stupidly I bought the Pro 2 to replace the Pro 1 thinking this “Alexa Greetings” was a new feature…but no, only if you live in the USA.

Add this to the other great feature only US customers get, Alexa Guard.

Going to return the Pro 2, vastly overpriced without comparitive features to our US friends.

The Pro 1 will do for me.

Poor effort ring.


Totally agree and if the UK aren’t getting Alexa greetings or even things like connecting the Ring Pro to things like their smart lighting range (because it’s not for sale in the UK) then why are we paying for those features in our subscription?

Sort it out Ring or reduce the UK subscription costs.


correct, i upgraded to Ring Pro2 i thought there will be alexa greeting :frowning: