Alexa Enabled IP Camera

Hi there,

I am In Scotland and my alarm system kit comes on 7th november.

What I was wondering was…

I have two of these puppies ordered

They are alexa enabled IP security cameras.

The question is simple… with them being Alexa anabled, woukld they integrate also with the ring alarm system too?
Had a quick chat with ring support staff by phone and it seems the question hadn’t been asked. you cvould tell by the tone of the voice that when he said “Yeah that should work fine” that the answer was not a known and that it hadn’t been asked before to this guy at least or the folk he went off to chat to.
So community peeps… share the knowledge… will this all work together? if so what skills would i need on my echo show and dot too.

Hi @Arkadian ! Let us know how you enjoy your Ring Alarm when it arrives :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it does not appear these cameras may integrate with Ring Alarm directly. However, you may be able to have them interact via a routine with Alexa. Without knowing specific device capabilities, we can not state what these integrations may look like. Please keep us posted once you receive both devices! Happy to help however we can.