Alexa (echo show 5) doesn’t give a live feed when ring doorbell (2nd gen) is pressed

I have tried to disable and enable Alexa skills for many times. I have enable the press notification in Ring app. I make sure that the device of notification has been set to Echo show 5. I even tried to reset both echo show 5 and ring doorbell. All these steps above could not solve my problem! I knew many people got the same problem with me. What can I do? Thank you!

Hi @user70105. Please make sure the Ring app and Alexa app are both fully updated, and ensure your Ring and Amazon accounts are correctly linked. After that, check that your doorbell press and motion announcements are toggled on. When a motion alert is triggered on your Ring device, your Echo will flash yellow, make a chiming sound, and announce that someone is at the door. Compatible Echo devices with a screen will also show you a Live View from your Video Doorbell for 15 seconds after the doorbell is pressed.

Both Ring App and Alexa App are found to be update. Both doorbell press and motion announcements are toggled on in the Ring App. However, the problem still exists. What can I further go?

@user70105 You would need to reach out to Amazon Alexa’s support team for further assistance. Since the Doorbell is working properly, the issue appears to be related to something on the Alexa side.

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I have approached Alexa support team and they asked me to approach Ring support team. That’s why I am here. Thanks