Alexa control of Zwave thermostats connected to Ring

I have Honeywell T6 Zwave thermostats connected to my Ring base station, and I can see them and adjust temperature from the Ring app. However they aren’t showing up as smart home devices under Alexa. Everything else in my Ring setup is visible to Alexa including the Zwave door locks, except the thermostats.

When I contacted Ring, they insisted that I need to have a Honeywell account and enable the Alexa skill for it, but Honeywell says that that’s only possible with their wifi thermostats, not Zwave. They say all control for zwave devices goes through the hub, in this case the Ring app.

Does Ring not pass along control of Zwave thermostats to Alexa?

Hi @Regulardude. Although the Ring app may be able to control the thermostats, that doesn’t mean that your Alexa device will recognize it. There may need to be an additional skill or configuration for this to work with Alexa. I would check with the Alexa support team to see if your Honeywell thermostat is compatible.