Alexa ask Vocal Code even if not enabled

As stated in subject, I’ve successfully setup my Ring Intercom about 3 weeks ago. I’ve successfully connected Echo Dot with Alexa Skill and I can unlock my front gate.
Last 3 days, all of a sudden, when I ask Alexa to unlock she asks me my Vocal Code.
Here’s my try until now:

  • Setup Vocal Code, ask Alexa, answer to Vocal Code and successfully unlocked my gate
  • Enable/Disable Vocal Code, Alexa keep asking for it
  • Uninstall Alexa Skill and re-install

None of this, apart from setting Vocal Code, make Alexa working as before.

Thanks for any hint

Hi @Marcodika. Welcome to the Ring Community!

We’d be happy to take a closer look at this with you. Could you let us know which brand and model of Intercom it is you’re using? We look forward to hearing back from you.

Hi Sam, thanks for answering and for the warm welcome!
My intercom is a Elvox 7100 (black if this is relevant).

Rebooting my home router seems to solve. Now it’s back working as it should.