Alexa app and ring camera problems

Hi all hopefully someone can shed some light on my problem. I have recently installed the Alexa app on my iPad and Samsung phone. I have linked accounts etc with no problems. If I use the Alexa app I can view the camera via live feed. If I ask Alexa to show me any camera I get sorry the cameras don’t work on this device. I have unlinked an relinked but still have the same problem. Can anyone offer some advice please.

What are you trying to show camera on? Alexa will show cameras on Echo Shows and TV using Fire TV sticks and Fire TV Cubes.

Hi on my iPad and or my Samsung phone.

You can only select a camera manually in the app on your iPad or phone. To use verbal commands you need to have an Echo Show5,8,10 or with a Fire TV stick , Fire TV Cube attached to your TV.