Alexa and contact sensors

Hi everyone,

I have recently bought the starter kit with ring along with an additional 6 contact sensors and 1 motion detector (7 total contacts and 2 motions).

I have everything set up in the Ring app, and all works. Arming, disarming, chimes, notifications etc.

I also bought 2 Echos 3rd gen to announce which doors are opened. I have the Alexa app installed, routines are created and work fine when I test them with the app (the little play button). But they do not work at all when tripping the contacts physically.

Each Ring item has a seperate, and unique name. I tried multiple older versions of the Alexa app to see if that was the issue. On the Alexa app, I can see the status of my sensors (closed/open) and see it change when I open a door.

I tried changing the “then” part of the routine to a phone notification, no dice. I have factory reset all my Ring devices, tried the system at another house on another internet connection and reset both the Echos.

At this point, I’m wondering what to do and who I should contact for help? It seems to be an Alexa issue more than Ring.

Could it be because Alexa Guard is not available in Canada or is that irrelevant?


Also new purchases of the Ring Alarm.

Having the same exact issue.

Somewhat glad it’s not just me. If I figure it out, I’ll let you know!

The Fix…

Using the Alexa App

  • Skills & Games

  • Your Skills

  • Find the Ring Skill

  • “Disable Skill”

  • “Enable Skill”

  • Sign In, Authroize

Tested and worked for me.

Will test tonight after work. Thanks for updating me, really appreciated.

Hey @Knightdr were you able to do some testing? If not, we’re here to help answer any questions you may have!


Sorry for not responding. It turns out that this was the fix for me too. I was under the impression I had already tested this before, guess not!

Thanks for reaching out. I even got an e-mail from Ring suggesting a fix. Great service.

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