Alarm tripped during exit countdown?

When I set the alarm at my back door exits it begins the cou down sequence, but as soon as I open the door the alarm goes off. I cant figure out why it’s not working properly. Any ideas? As you can see in the screenshot the alarm went off within the minute of setting the alarm. I have a 60 second countdown.

Make sure that the door sensor is set to main door. Also, make sure any motion detectors near your door are set to entry way. You can find these in the device settings.

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as Eagle328 states you may want to check what you have your contact sensor’s “placement” setting is set as currently. In order for it to give a delay it will need to be set as a “main door”.

You can check this setting by going to “menu icon>devices>select the contact sensor>gear icon in top right corner>placement”

“main door” by default will give a 60 second entry/exit delay whereas “secondary door” or “window” wont give any sort of delay.

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