Alarm that sounds when wire is cut, to deter current rash of thefts

In my neighborhood, Park Slope, Brooklyn, there has been an alarming rash of thefts of Ring doorbell cams. People walk right up, usually covering their face, and yank the doorbells off the wall. Since I’m sure they can’t sell them, it’s reasonable to assume they are doing this to make a future theft or break-in easier.

I propose an optional feature that sounds an alarm when a wire is cut or disconnected. If the doorbell’s owner doesn’t want this feature, or needs to remove the doorbell, it can be disabled. But many of us in big cities turn off notifications while we’re sleeping, and even if we’re notified of motion, there’s no way to wake up and get to the door before the thieves are long gone. A piercing alarm that sounds both outside and optionally from my phone would solve that problem.

Please consider this, as in my formerly nice, safe neighborhood, Ring doorbells are becoming just one more thing, along with packages, outdoor furniture, plants, etc, for thieves to target and I got a Ring specifically to protect my house from targeting, not make it more attractive.