Alarm Status Remote indicator light

My keypads are not near entry doors and its easy to forget if the alarm is set. We use the garage entry door all the time and it would be very useful to be able to see what the alarm setting is by just looking at the door is instead of hearing the alarm going off.

A small ‘remote alarm status’ indicator light could be installed next to a door or opening that illuminates either green or red that shows the alarm status would be very useful.

This remote alarm indicator could be used anywhere.


I wouldn’t want advertise the status of my alarm system to an unauthorized person. Yikes!

I was actually looking for this as well… There are many ways to do this. Could be a box with four lights. Could be illuninated on one side to indicate armed, illuminated on to indicate unarmed, all LED’s of the same color, let the user decide, but I have faith in the community that they wouldn’t be placeing this on the outside of their homes and like myself, would love to have the status somewhere safe I could use as a tool to prevent false alarms…