Alarm Siren now can link to Camera Siren!

Now when the Alarm Base Station siren goes off, the Ring cameras (that have siren feature) can also automatically sound off with their siren too!

  • Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Base Station > Linked Devices > Alarm Sounding > select “Explanation-Point” Icon for the cameras you wish to sound off their siren with the Base Station > then “Save”.

The Ring Indoor Camera and outdoor-mounted Ring Security Cameras can all siren and record when triggered by the Alarm Base Station . . . Wonderful! Thank you Ring! :slight_smile:


Can confirm this works in the UK as well :slight_smile:


Hi Harry. I do not have the Alarm system. Does this mean I need it to have the base station to make this work? I wanted to put a sensor in the garage as a second line of deterrent if the floodlight cam and light were ignored at night. Cheers

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Hi there, @rob040669! The Ring app presents many opportunities to use the linked devices feature, depending on how many and which Ring devices you own. For the Alarm system siren linking to Camera sirens, this would require an Alarm Base Station as this component is the central hub for communicating between your home network and your other Alarm devices (sensors, dome siren, etc). I hope this helps! :slight_smile: