Alarm Sensors

We need glass brake sensor.
Your open/close sensors have no ability to install on windows, the part on window sash is angled and magnet just don’t fit there. Did anyone tested that before ?
Motion sensors definitely need to be changed ( If you mount motion sensor in the corner touching the ceiling they just don’t work correctly) How you can mount the motion sensor in the middle of the wall -looks absolutely silly-this is not decorative element . Most of the professional motion sensors works on larger angles than 90 deg.


“one size fit for all” issue here. i’ve been challenged with same on my windows. an extra casing to increase the height will be helpful as its a 90 degree angle and there is no way i can fit my sensor. i echo for glass brake sensor or detection. the Z-wave should be able to detect it.

Agree glass breaks are needed is one thing that is preventing me from buying Ring Alarm.

The upcoming Alexa Guard Plus will have glass break detection:

"The upcoming Alexa Guard Plus will have glass break detection:"

Thanks. But can I set the Ring Security System to “home” and have the motion detectors bypassed and th Echo’s listen for glass breakage? If the Echo’s detect glass breakage will it set off the alarm and notify the monitoring station like my current security system? If not is a deal breaker for me. Thanks.

I 100% agree. I am a little disappointed that Ring does not have a glass break sensor.

This is maybe a good place to mention that the Ring Support page for mounting your motion sensor (PIR) has I believe a typo in it. On this page:
Ring Alarm Motion Detector - Setup and Use – Ring Help

It clearly says :-
5. The Motion Detector should be installed at the correct height to provide the best coverage.
– Motion Detector should be installed at 17cm high

Now 17cm is just over 6in for those in USA. I think the American support line told me to mount at exactly - yes EXACTLY - 7ft 6ins. Bit of a difference. Maybe explain what effect the height has on the operation of the motion sensor as other people say here on the community that they don’t work well if mounted right up against the ceiling. So with my low ceilings I will have to do some experimentation.

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Hi @andyt8. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I’ve contacted the appropriate team to have this corrected. Thanks again!