Alarm Schedules.

This has been posted before but if people can’t post many times how do you know what’s important to us ‘neighbours’?!?

I cannot believe that an alarm system that markets itself on connectivity and costs so much doesn’t allow a basic function of setting schedules. What a joke. The functionality is there - the Alexa App allows you to create a routine but doesn’t pull the devices through.

Ring, you need to sort this out. So frustrating. I’m reading everywhere that people are resorting to Simple Commands App and having to enter their Ring CREDENTIALS to link the accounts. Are you crazy?!? Why would you effectively force people’s hands in this way!!!

Sort out scheduling and keep our systems safe!

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Ring, we really need a way to schedule the alarm to Home, Away or Disarmed. This will avoid the “I forgot to arm it” before going to bed, work, etc. Having a timer count down during automatic arming would be ideal. Thank you.