Alarm notification via SMS

I would like to see Ring add SMS text messages as an option for alarm notifications. We use a door sensor to alert us to when the milk man drops off milk and eggs and other products into a box in front of our house. Since I receive multiple notifications daily, I tend to ignore most of them. Since notifications just drop out of sight eventually, having a text message instead or in addition would make it nearly impossible for me to miss the notice that the milk is now getting warm and could spoil if I don’t remember to pull it from the delivery box. I would like to be able to set multiple recipients in the family to get the text message.

You can use Alexa to do that. But you have to give Alexa access to your contacts and setup the messaging capabilities with those contacts. Technically it’s not SMS but it is as close as you can get. After that is setup you would need to create a routine when the sensor is opened and then you would a custom action that would basically be like “Send message to {number} with Milk Man has made a delivery.” Create that for each phone number and it should work.

It is a huge flaw that Ring Alarm does NOT send text for sensors and motion. There should be an option to receive text messages when a door sensor, window sensor or motion is detected.

Push notifications may not come thru based on wifi and they are difficult to see because they don’t remain on your phone screen. A text message will be easily seen and it remains on your screen so that you can be notified quickly if a sensor or motion is detected. Every other alarm system has had this feature for years. If I knew Ring didn’t have this feature I never would have purchased it.