Alarm Mode widget for iOS and Android

Hello Ring,

Atm there is no Apple Widget available to set the preferred alarm mode without opening the Ring App, it would be amazing if there will be a Widget available soon.

See example please.

I would love a widget that allows me to arm/disarm my alarm system without needing to open the app.


can we get a ring widget that will disarm and arm and turn on home mode without the need to open the app each time?

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Hi, please add a Android 1x1 widget to select away, home or disarmed mode. Other solution could be a app shortcut at long press on the app icon.

Thank you!

I would love to have extended widgets, such as one to arm / disarm my alarm from my phone’s widget, would be super quick!

Can we have a widget that simply shows the status of the alarm On or Off so we don’t have to open the app to know?

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Please add this suggested widget! Opening the Ring app to check the status of my alarm is an unnecessary extra step. The status of one’s alarm should be a part of any smarthome user’s dashboard, so I can glance and see my lights are off, my door is locked, my garage is closed, my alarm is armed. Kinda shocked this wasn’t the first thing Ring did when iOS widgets were first announced, years ago.

This widget should be absolutely “on top of the list”!!
ios and android - should be not a great thing
I need to change the ring mode directly from my ios homescreen.