Alarm Keyboard shows whether all sensors are clear, or a window is open

Our previous alarm keypad (ADT) had an LED that would light up green if all windows and doors were closed. If one monitored point was open, like a window still open at night it would show red. This was very helpful in a large home to know whether you got all the windows closed at night and just need to check the doors that they are locked. It would not be difficult to implement and has good value in the ability to check status without having to pull out your phone and look at the app.


Yep! The inability to know *before* you try to arm the system is bad enough (that should be visible whether it’s ready or not). Worse is the lack of verbal notification of WHICH sensor is tripped. For us, we have three floors with windows and doors on each level, so finding a phone and interfacing with that while standing in front of the keypad is required 100% of the time.

This missing feature is what preventing me from pulling the trigger and becoming a Ring customer.

I don’t want to go hunting for a phone or tablet all the time.

The Light Bar could be used for this. Doesn’t seem like a difficult improvment.

Maybe it would tax the battery too much but I would hard wire my keypad anyway?

Either that or give us a display panel to show system info.

This is the single feature I wanted most. I unfortunatly bought and installed the system, thinking I could live without it. It’s hard. I left the a door open all night last night because I didn’t double check my phone.

This should be a simple status on the panel!

Please don’t force me to build an arduino solution to this problem you already solved!

I would also like to see a notification that a sensor is open (or all are closed) as a colored badge on the ring icon on my phone’s home screen.