Alarm Feature Update: Linked Devices Camera Siren

Our team is always working hard to bring you new integrations with your Ring devices. This update to your Linked Devices now allows you to set any Ring camera with a siren to sound when your Alarm is triggered. Learn more about how you can update this in your settings by following the steps below.

How to Turn On You Siren feature in Linked Devices

  • In your Ring mobile app, open the main menu in the top left hand corner and select Devices.
  • Select your Ring Alarm and then select the Linked Devices menu.
  • Select Alarm Sounding in the Linked Devices menu.

  • Tap the exclamation icon for cameras you would like the siren to sound from during Alarm events.

LInked Devices Selection

  • You are all set and ready to have your Camera sirens alarm when your system is triggered.

Are you excited for this feature update? Tell us how you plan to use it in the replies below.


Yes - this is a great new feature. I have several floodlight cams and it’s good to ensure the sirens are now utilised automatically in an alarm situation - many thanks!

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This is a fantastic feature, and one that I’ve been wanting since I got my Ring alarm. Great to finally see it in production! Thank you, Ring team.

Once the ring cameras with sirens are linked to the alarm system, will triggering the SOS button in the app sound all the sirens (both alarm base station siren and ring camera sirens)? Thanks!

I don’t think I would want the siren on any motion. But if you could blare the siren when geese are detected in my yard… now you got something.