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Thank you for these articles. They are very helpful.

Would you be able to update your article on Motion Detectors to both characterize as well as highlight differences between Gen 1 and Gen 2 motion detectors? My experience with the Gen 2 motion detector is that its sensitivity is low - (relative to my existing legacy motion detectors) - both distance from the sensor (~12 ft or so) and the 90 degrees stated coverage in the horizontal plane (which appears to be closer to 60 degrees). I realize there are a lot of factors - but this is following all guidelines, in the corner, 7’ 6" height, etc. Thanks.

Hi @njarwala. Are you looking for tips in setting up a Gen 2 Motion Detector? You can check out this Help Center Article, which has a lot of great tips that should work just as well for the Gen 2 Motion Detector. Let me know if that’s helpful for you! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yes, I have reviewed that article. I think I may have a defective, or at least one that is not fully performing to spec. I was interested in the angles/distance that gen 2 is expected to cover, since the one I have is not even remotely covering the area that I expect. Also, from feedback on Amazon, etc., and probably in this forum, this appears to be a common issue with the gen 2 motion detector? I suspect pet related and other false triggers on gen 1 led to a reduced sensitivity on gen 2 which is now showing up as reduced coverage!

In any event, I did call your customer service team and have a replacement motion detector in the mail.

Thanks again!

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