Thermostat Zwave connects but no scheduling in ring app

I was able to connect my Thermostat ZwavePlus no problem to the ring app. But it’s limited and only allows manual temperature settings. No alerts or scheduling of thermostat. Is there a hub or bridge to get better detailed settings for within the ring app? Thermostat came with house. Can’t use alarm dot com app.

I want to be notified when the kids adjust the AC. But mainly scheduling.

Thanks for the time if anyone replies.

Hi @fe21f8dd3870ac9a997d27cc40c54e. Some third-party Z-wave devices, such as your thermostat, may connect to the Base Station via the Ring App, but you won’t have the full range of features and functionality. The available functionality will be limited in the Ring App, since it is not a Ring device. If you want access to all of the features that your thermostat offers, you would need to use the app as that’s what it’s designed to be used with.