Alarm codes to do different things

I have the ring alarm system set up in my house and I am fortunate enough to have a detached garage which has been converted into a home gym. The gym has a motion sensor in it hooked up to the same ring alarm as the house. I would be great to be able to put another keypad in the gym and have it so that a code can disarm the alarm only in the gym. The reason for this is I’m wanting to give keys to the gym to friends and family so they can come and go using it as they please. I don’t want to be having to give out the full alarm code to them.

i.e (this should work on any keypad within the alarm system)

  • I type 1234 on the keypad and it will only disarm the gym sensor but the house will remain alarmed.
  • I type 5678 on the keypad and it will disarm the whole alarm

The basics of this would be that when assigning a code to the alarm you would also tick which devices become disabled.