Alarm Certificate missing subscription date

Currently the Alarm System Monitoring Certificate does not indicate current subscription period like an auto insurance card. It has Installation Date and Activation Date, both of which could be years ago for long term customers.

Insurance agent is asking some prove of the Certificate is valid and Customer Support cannot do anything other than email the same certificate to me. Suggest alternative is to hold a 3-way conference call to verify - not ideal.

You could print out your Protect Plan page in your Ring Dashboard which would show that the plan is active, and you are currently paying for the service.

Yes, agree. However, my agent said their Underwriter wants to see a [current] date on the certificate itself.

That’s unfortunate. My insurance agent took what Ring had without blinking. The discount I got was pennies and hardly worth my time.

Agreed. State Farm is giving me a hard time about not having a recent date on the certificate. Adding some sort of expiry date to the certificate would be a trivial change.