AI Face Recognition to Combat Package Theft

Those who steal packages probably do it multiple times to multiple homes. Our ring cameras should be able to capture who the thief is.

This feature shouldn’t show us or any neighbor who the person is for privacy reasons.

However, if multiple people report the same thief, facial recognition software can group these incidents together. The more incidents, the higher the cost of the damage. If the total theft value for an specific thief is high, then the police would be motivated to look into it.

Each neighbor (or Ring/Amazon) could elect to report it or it can automatically be reported to the authorities. This way, it’s an individual reporting a crime.

Since we don’t get any data on the face recognition of a thief until multiple incidents are reported, privacy for a good citizen who walks by a camera is protected.

It would also be nice to link an Amazon purchase to a theft to help determine the cost a thief is causing a neighborhood. Or a way to link your order history from any online store…


I think leave the police work, to the police. If you have a package stolen, report it and give all the information you mention to the police and let them handle it.
Just because I have a package stolen I sure wouldn’t want Ring to do any facial recognition on the video or pictures. There’s just too much possibility of Ring or 3rd parties abusing that. Also, facial recognition is notoriously inaccurate.

They only go after thefts that have a damage cost over a certain value. They won’t go after my $100 package.

Once again, these are technology features that give a convenience and peace of mind. And Amazon financially benefits from this.

But thank you again, negative Nancy.

I’m just point out what I see are flaws and should be considered if anyone moves your idea forward.
AI facial recognition is fraught with issues even from companies who’s sole product is FR. I sure wouldn’t want Ring/Amazon to waste development time and energy developing something like this when there are so many other useful feature suggestions.
Maybe in a few years when FR is more mature they could look at it.

Good luck with your requested idea.