Advanced motion detection not working

Hope you can help!

I’ve updating to advanced motion detection zones on my ring doorbell 3 (battery) and I’m getting constant motion detections for cars driving past which are clearly outside of the detection zone. I’ve purposely set the edge of the zone inside my property but it constantly picks up cars. Before the “upgrade” detection was reasonably reliable and no cars or pedestrians on the path would be detected. Now it’s a joke! See attached pics for zone and detection.

In addition we just had a delivery and it completely ignored the person walking up to our door, , it’s almost like the detection zone is the bit it ignores now?!

Has anyone else had similar issues. Any help gratefully received as I’m pulling out what little hair I have left.

Thanks, Andy

Hi @Andy302. Thank you for providing the pictures of your Motion Zones. I have one suggestion that might improve you motion detection. Instead of having one big zone, try making this into 3 smaller zones that cover the same area. This helps the motion detection to be more accurate and consistent. After its been changed, take note of how it responds over the next few days and adjust accordingly. I hope this information helps!

OK, Ill try that.

What I can say now is that it only false detects from dusk onwards, during daylight hours it works OK.

Anyway Ill update the zones and report back.