Adjust Security Camera Siren volume

The sound volume is very low and can’t be heard. Allow owners to adjust sound up understanding volume liability. Owner risk for that. If there is an emergency my neighbors would want to know as well

I am having the same issue. Is there anything I can do to raise the volume? The alarm wont scare anybody.

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I feel like I have been hit with false advertising. The siren on my floodlight Cam pro wired is a complete joke, didn’t even make my cat flinch when I set it off. Definitely not going to scare anyone off my property. May consider another brand.

The spotlight alarm needs a higher volume, default is useless. I have two 50 yards apart and can barely hear either when activated. These are for outdoors and as is its unacceptable. Please add a volume control and be able to produce the loudness promised

The volume of the siren on the Ring Stick-Up Camera Gen 3 is very low. Owner should be able to control/adjust the volume of the siren within the app. Firmware should not limit the volume to be at one level only…especially at a very low volume.

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The customer is never right at Ring!

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The volme is a total joke! I would not have bought it if I’d known they were going to decrease the volume as this was one of the reasons I bought the camera. Plus, Ring then put up the fees! Maybe Ring are the crooks!

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Would like to have the ability to turn my siren volume up on my spotlight cam. It’s too quiet in an emergency. Neighbors are far away.

Volume slider with Warning ( if needed) to be able restore original decibels.