Adjust Pathlight Motion Sensor Sensitivity?

Hi, install 3 pathlights this weekend which worked fine. All 3 lights are constantly triggering on motion detection…even though there is no motion near theme. It seems like it triggers even on a blade of grass moving.

They are on the flat front walkway which has a small hill on the side that basically should be blocking any motion from the street or trees or bushes

Is there a sensitivity adjustment?

Any suggestions.

As it is now motion detection has to be turned off or snoozed to stop the notifications that happen every few minutes. And it’s been doing it for days…and on calm days.


Hey there, @Hamm! You will want to rotate the device so it faces a different direction if necessary, maybe away from the hill so you can make sure it isn’t facing an area like a sidewalk or street. Check out this article about the motion sensors and look under “Other considerations.”

If you move the direction the sensor faces and still have false motion after monitoring over time, give our support team a call at 1-800-656-1918!