Adjust alarm siren volume or have a silent alarm

Really would like to have control of the volume for the siren on all products. I was able to play my siren late at night to keep an unwanted visitors off of my property with the latest spotlight pro. I am afraid with ring limiting me I will no longer have such preventative measures. I’m sorry for those who have town homes or apartments but that’s why we need to have the option to control the volume. I love ring but this has been a pain for me. Please fix this or provide alternative for me to stay.


Ring team - come on. After hearing the base station alarm siren volume, I was concerned about having a heart attack. It’s WAY too loud. I want to hear an alarm, but not die in the process. This is not a joke. Also, the neighborhood doesn’t need to know and I’d like to be able to THINK during an alarm. An intruder can hear the alarm even if it’s quieter - ESPECIALLY at night. It doesn’t need to be so loud that it scares the hell out of me AND my neighbors - especially with concerns of false alarms with motion detectors. My keypads are loud enough without showing an intruder EXACTLY where the base station is.

A volume control for the base station siren. Just implement it. What are you waiting for?!?!?! Then EVERYONE is happy and can set it to their preferred volume.

Im going to put the base station in a box. This is ridiculous. :frowning:

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I just want to chime in here with support for this feature request. I’d like a silent alarm feature with the option to manually activate the siren like normal. I live in multi-family housing and frankly, the siren isn’t ideal. I want the option to have Alexa change the lighting scene, a reduced volume siren, have Astro harass the intruder, etc. but honestly, I’m pretty sure a loud siren runs contrary to the rules in my lease. If I can manually remote trigger a Ring camera siren at my discretion, why can’t I have a similar option where the alarm responds with all other options except the deafening siren? It’s not like the base station is going to survive more than a few seconds before an actual burgler tosses it into the toilet or something.

I agree completely. One of the houses I own is a townhouse and I dont want any possible alarms to be waking up the neighbors but I do want to arm the system so that the professional monitoring is enabled. Ideally it would be to adjust the volume so that you can only hear it in my property.