Adjust alarm siren volume or have a silent alarm

I purchased the Ring alarm system, but after reading that you cannot adjust the siren volume, or silence the base station, I am concerned about setting this system up! I have a 25 year old Autistic non-verbal daughter at home, and is terrified of loud sounds. I would hate for this alarm to go off, due to false alarms (as I have researched happens often), or even the set up, and send her into unnecessary stress. PLEASE Ring, implement this feature!!


In addition to using my system when I’m sleeping or not home, I use my alarm when I’m home to protect my music studio. It has 2 accessible windows and a door that are not visible from most locations in my home and it contains valuable musical instuments and recording equipment.

The problem is that the control panel is necessarily located in the area that is usually occupied by me and my family during the daytime. When someone inadvertently sets off the alarm, it’s not just annoying. to whoever happens to be sitting near the panel. It’s brutally unpleasant.

I’m not a candyass. I don’t need an alarm to scare an intruder away. I just need it to be loud enough to alert me to a potential intrusion. whether I’m sleeping or awake…

I’ll handle it from there.

I know how lightly or soundly I sleep. I know exactly how far my bedroom is from the panel, whether it is on the same floor or upstairs. I know precisely how loud I need the siren to be.

The manufacturer of the alarm does not.

What’s wrong with enabling me, the customer, to choose… to tailor the volume to precisely to what I need? What would you think of a restaurant that only allows the cook to decide which dessert you should have after dinner?


I have an adult daughter with autism. Loud noises traumatize her. (She gets upset if the TV is too loud.) I bought the Ring alarm system for two reasons: 1) to give her piece of mind when home alone. We’ve explained the benefit of knowing that you can be assured nobody has entered the home and a system of sensors keeps an eye on things. And 2) we have an extensive system of wired sensors already installed, so I appreciate the retrofit kit.

I was not aware that the alarm itself could not be silenced. This is a real problem for us and could lead to us simply deactivating the whole thing, which would be a shame. I realize volume could be difficult to control; but whether the alarm sounds at all is obviously controlled by software and should be a relatively easy option to add.

My preference would be to opt for phone alerts and an Echo announcement to notify of a trigger.

I strongly urge the Ring team to consider this option. (And btw, SimpliSafe has offered this for some time, both volume reduction and silence options.)

As an aside, has anyone figure out a way to bypass the ring alarm through some hack routine? I’m thinking of things like using Alexa to create a routine associate with Guard modes that watches the sensors and creates an Echo announcement, but that never sets the Ring modes.

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I would like to do one more important point here. My city has a false alarm ordinance on the books. Whether the alarm is monitored or self monitored, false alarms will trigger charges from the city of up to $300 per occurrence. Another reason why this is critically important to address.

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the siren should be disabled. Also it’s not a good idea have the siren near the base unit as a thief can understand where the control unit is. One of the principles of alarm systems is to keep the control unit and the siren in different places. Please add this feature in the next hardware firmware update. Maybe when the alarm is enabled the voice prompt reminds you when the siren is disabled just as security check


I would also like to disable to the siren or control the volume.

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Please make the siren volume adjustable!! Not usable in my parents apartment, just need something to wake up my mom if my father with dimentia tries to leave in middle of night


Please make the siren volume adjustable!! Not usable in my parents apartment, just need something to wake up my mom if my father with dimentia tries to leave in middle of nighT.


+1 for this feature too. It is a ridiculous limitation that helps intruders locate the base system.
It’s not a tricky feature to implement; it’s just a selector button to switch off/on.


I would love to have the feature of disabling the siren. It is a great idea. This is the flow I would want -

-I’m sleeping

  • door is opened while armed
  • I get emergency notification to my phone while it is in do not disturb
  • the notification has a button to start the siren, call police , both or cancel

When I bought the system I honestly thought i could disable the siren. I was going to do this, it was the first thing I googled after I set it up. It would be great too to tell me when the toddler gets out.

  • toddler playing in back yard while armed
  • some how opens gate that I had locked
  • phone goes into emergency notification

Ring, please add this feature. Your scrum master would agree this is a 1 pointer story :slight_smile:


I second this request. There has to be an option to disable siren.


It’s ridiculous I can not turn down, or off the extremely loud alarm from the base unit. If I had know this I would have never bought it.

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i’ve the suspect that it’s not implemented because it’s an hardware limitation

It looks like that the messages are ignored…no one of the admin replied ;(

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Guys if ring is not willing to implement this simple feature, check out Abode. They have the option to mute the base, but use external indoor and outdoor sirens for sounds and you can adjust the volume per siren. They also have a Silent Panic Alarm and a Key fob that works as a 2 in 1 to arm and disarm your system quickly and as a panic button as well.

Please, let us know something, this features is so important!

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I just invested in Ring components, and just discovering now the lack of control over siren and volume. As someone that suffers from hyperacusis (sensitivity to loud sounds) and related tinnitus, I very much need to have the control to be able to manage the siren volume. I don’t need it wake up the neighborhood, just loud enough to deter an intruder and wake me up. Ring, anyone listening? Lots of chatter on this request with no replies.


I would really like to be able to set siren volume per mode. I have a loved one with dementia, and I’d like to hear chirps and receive notifications when they leave the house. I definitely don’t want the siren going off. I’d like to be able to have home mode setup this way, while away mode would use the siren.

I’m not using motion detectors in the house, so currently there’s no difference between home and away modes for my setup. All I can do is get chirps for for sensors in disabled nodes.

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I was just about to make a large order for a Ring system, but will wait until this feature is added. What a waste of time for a simple feature.

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