Adjust alarm siren volume or have a silent alarm

I would like the option for a silent alarm instead of having the siren go off.

I agree. This should be a simple firmware update and option added in the alarm app. This would also make it easier for the initial test period if your system is monitored. We have animals, a cat, a dog. The siren going off terrifies them, and they want to run away. Please enable an option for “Silent Alarm” or just an option to turn off the frigging siren!

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There are a number of others who have requested this feature. It seems that they need votes to get taken seriously.

Here’s a link to a comment in a post that provides several links to other requests. Please click each and add your vote. Hopefully Ring will address this sooner than later!

We need to be able to put the base station in silent mode. In order to prevent smash and grab you do not want anyone to know where the base station is located. With external sirens you can still make noise and not reveal the base location. And, some people may want a silent alarm. We have the option to set the volume for alerts, but no way to turn off the base siren. Makes no sense not to have the option.

Not sure why Ring won’t implement a Silent Alarm feature for the system. The Base Station alarm is too quiet and does nothing more than alert an intruder of where the Base Station is located so that they can go smash it and disable it.

I’m looking for full Ring Alarm functionality while in Away mode but to have the capability to not trigger any audible alarms in the building to alert an intruder of where the base station is. Even better would be to be able to silence the Base Station but keep other devices that have an audible alarm selectable on a per-device basis. This could enhance confusion for an intruder on what to silence and buy precious seconds while the cops arrive.


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Hi there, @ududidj! You might find interest in the Duress Code feature, which allows you to enter a code that will silently trigger your Alarm for an emergency. Keep in mind, this feature requires you to be registered for Professional Monitoring. :slight_smile:


@Marley_Ring I think @ududidj would like to be able to turn down the siren volume on the base station to 0%, just like you can do currently with other sounds coming from the base station.

If you are away from your home and an intruder breaks in, one of the first things the intruder may do is look for the base station to try to disable it (by smashing it) before it calls the police. It would be a lot harder for the intruder to find if the siren wasn’t coming from the unit. With the ability to sound the siren from cameras, the keypad, and the new outdoor siren, you don’t need to have the siren sounding from the base station.


Yes- this is exactly what I was trying to get across @r6kmb

Would love the same option with “Home” mode - or in my case, especially with Home mode. Would much rather be awakened with the option for a less-startling alert. Sensors can malfunction / the system could error without it being a break-in.

That’s all well and good but it’s not a feature for people in the UK for some reason. It’s frustrating that we don’t get features that everyone else has from the start. We can’t buy a panic button for the alarm either so I’ve got a keypad above my bed

I bought the Ring Alarm, but cannot activate the sensors because the base cannot be switched to silent alarm. Every conventional home security system has this function! I would like an option to switch off the siren. A notification on my smartphone or a call to target numbers is enough for me. I don’t have to be thrown out of bed and dogs and cats don’t have to be scared.

Please add a button to silence the siren.

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Firstly, I need a Silent alarm setting that sets the alarm to 0% and only sends notifications. This would allow me to invest in the Ring system for my workplace since we are not allowed to have sirens so close to other offices in the building.

Secondly, to make it even better, I’d like to be able to customize which parts of the system triggers the siren and which only triggers notifications. An example being that I don’t trust the motion sensor enough to leave it with my dog while I trust the door magnet because it can’t be mistakenly triggered by my dog. Currently, I leave the alarm deactivated all the time because I don’t want to risk the siren traumatizing pets - rendering the newly purchased home system quite useless.

I agree, I live in a 1500 sq/ft Condo and the Siren is so loud it really upsets the neighbors. I’m usually the one that accidentally sets it off when coming home with earbuds in and forget I even set it. Or especially when I’ve placed it in “Home mode” and I open the door to leave early in the morning and it instantly goes off. I stopped even setting the alarm anymore I regret even installing this thing. I’d like to be alerted by phone from either the monitoring company or a push notification. I do not always need the Siren roaring like we’ve moved to DEFCON 1. I’d even be willing to upgrade to an entirely new GEN base station and keypads if they had a total silence option.

Silent arming and disarming during the night to not disturb the rest of the house. Night Mode

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You can change the volume levels of your base station in its settings, same with the keypads

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Did you search the Feature Request board first for others that may have posted this suggestion? If you didn’t you might check and vote there.

Can you please include a silent alarm feature in the next firmware update. Many people have requested this feature. This would prevent a burglar from finding the base station and destroying it before it had a chance to send a signal to the monitoring station. It would also be beneficial for people who live in an apartment and don’t want to disturb the neighbors in case of false alarms.


I also would like to have the option for a silent alarm. I live in a home that has many locations that prevent seeing the door, basement, back room etc. I would like to be notified if someone comes through a door without the full blasting alarm sounding, I am thinking of family or someone that has a key. The chirp performs this function just great. I don’t like hearing someone walking around the house and not being aware they are in the house. Seems like a firmware update should provide this option.

I just setup the system yesterday and would also like a silent alarm feature added. I up voted this topic but I think there are way more than 25 customers who would like this option.

I live in an apartment and I 1) want to avoid annoying my neighbors in the event of a false alarm 2) would like to give the police more time to catch the robbers who wouldn’t know they set off an alarm and 3) don’t want to give away the location of the base station.

I think all 3 are common and valid concerns that can be easily solved by allowing a silent alarm feature.

Like a Duress code? This would act like you disarmed the system but will notify authorities with that one specific code.