Adhoc movement notifications switch on / off for a group of camera’s

in my case, I have 3 ring cams, one doorbell, one stick up cam and
one floodlight.

In general I have notifications on movements OFF, because otherwise I
will be crazy because of amount of notifications. There are ‘adhoc’ moments
that I like to turn them on, but not individually but all at once (saves quite some time). So I can’t schedule these moments, because I just want to walk to a neighbor for example when the kids are sleeping.

It would be logical to me to link that to the
MODES functionality, but I think currently this is only about
the recording of the movement (not the notification). In my case I prefer to have that always
on, I just want to play with the notifications on / off.

Would that be possible, but then NOT on an individual camera basis?

By the way, this could also be fixed if one could snooze for ever :smiley:, and not limited to 4 hours.