Additional Owner to one Location

@mattyod wrote:
How is this not a thing?

It’s baffling, isn’t it?

Whilst @Zatt001 makes some valid points, an ideal solution by Ring would be to allow permissions to be set on Shared User accounts; i.e. allow them to connect their Amazon/Alexa account and delete videos.

Do Ring engineers not live with their partners / spouses? Do they have trust issues? I really don’t see why dual owners or selectable permissions isn’t an option for these devices.


Interesting points by Zatt001 but I dont agree that an alarm system is in the same area as a router… a router you might update or change the configuration occasionally and you can always ask the owner to do it but the alarm needs to be activly managed by the people who live in the house, turning in on and off, enabling different elements, receiving alerts. In my case its not “my” alarm system, just like its not “my” house… i jointly own the house with my wife. My family live in the house and I want them to be able to ensure its secure.

What’s being asked is that Ring deliver an alarm system with a robust, flexible and granular management system which allows the purchaser to define the roles and authorities they need.

Not everyone will want to give authority to others but, based on feedback on various posts on this topic, many do.

Some comments questioned the possible security concerns … if you need others to manage the system then you have no option but to share your id and password… having to do this is far less secure than having seperate ids with granted authority… you simply make one id (initually the first one) the one which can add or remove other managers just like i can add or remove guests at the moment… if an id is compromised then it can be removed from the system and a new one set up… If multiple people are using the same id the whole system is compromised.


I also created an account just to search for this. My significant other and I should absolutely have the same rights and privileges in the account. It is absurd that I have to ask him to change things on a system I helped pay for and use just as often for a house that I own. I can’t even set up new devices that I buy for our home?

Is the expectation that people share an account?

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I have been trying to figure out why my spouse has more control options than I do and after reading the other comments it seems like Ring engineers need to really work on allowing dual ownership settings. Most couple want to be able to have the same settings and privileges. Get busy Ring and make this possible.

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I’m ready to return all 9 path lights, 8 cameras, alarm and doorbell because of this lack of permission control. It’s absurd.

Try to see this feature from the users’ point of view. Imagine if only one of the sysadmins at Ring had full perms on your servers. Now imagine that chick gets on an airplane for an overseas trip or goes to sleep at night. Nothing can happen until you can get in touch with her? Nope.

What if the owner customer is hospitalized in some emergency? His/her spouse can’t adjust the settings on path lights until the owner recovers?

Multiple people sharing one owner account as a workaround is clearly happening from the comments posted here. That should be enough of a security risk to prioritize this feature.


Give the owners the options, if I’m not worried about a minor security risk (lost devices) then I should have the choice to have a co-owner. If joe shmo is worried about it, he doesn’t have to give co-owner permission.

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We also want to have the same settings capabilities for both of our accounts. Please give the primary owner more control over permissions and allow a second owner.

Definitely need this. Only noticed it this weekend when I helped a family member with their setup.

Yes please, sharing accounts is not an option with 2fa