Additional Owner to one Location

Please allow the ability to add an additional Owner to a location. This will offer shared authority in a Co-Owner household.



I totally agree


Yes, this is very annoying. Needs to be fixed asap.

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I absolutely agree. This is silly that we both cannot control the lights.

I agree. There needs to be multiple owners or shared users need access to bridge. It is silly that my partner cannot turn on or off lights without logging out of their account and logging into mine. We have separate accounts for a reason.


Agreed. Ring, when will this be implemented?


Agreed, my spouse and I would like the same access. Our other security system had this. Not having it is creating issues.


I just found this thread because I too am very annoyed at this. My s.o set up our system but I’m the one mainly using the dang thing and yet I can not operate nearly half of the options I should be able to. It’s very frustrating


I joined the forum for this perticular feature. So yeah, we want this! It makes no sense that my husband can’t acces everyhthing while I can

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I’m sorry to disagree but In my view having more than one “MASTER” account puts the system more open to breaches (lost or stolen phone/tablet). It’s the same setup for every device! Your WiFi router only has one main login that lets you control everything! You would’nt want 15 login accounts on your router with full access would you??? (I sure as heck would not!). This is done for a reason - security…Guest accounts are setup for this reason. A guest pin will not allow you to change major system settings or delete components just as a router or any large company computer network/intranet. Long story short like a router your home security system has to be “secure”. This is the other reason (I read) that RING will not use Geo-fencing because if your phone is stolen and the theif knows where you live all he/she has to do is “go home” and your system is disarmed and ready for the taking! I have an app lock on my phone so no “joe” can access my RING app without a finger print or a pin code just in case someone does “jack” my phone!

Just another point of view and something you may have not considered…


Agree this really should be standard. Not sure if there is any security vulnerability?

Or there could be a option in the user profile to allow changes in settings… or really the answer may be customisable roles so an owner can set up multiple role configurations.

Yes this is extremely frustrating as me and my husband share this

I would like the same role as my husband

How is this not a thing?

One location should be able to have two owners so each can have full rights on the app- married couple…kinda frustrating only one if can control settings/users.


I’m not going to send a new request, since I agree with this request. Me and my spouse should have full rights and complete access on all settings of my devices. Not only that, but please note that we have different notifications, so logging under one account is not an option.

Keep the Neighbour option, since that is perfect for others i want to add with limited rights.