Additional options for Mode Settings

I love the mode settings, I would really like to see two more available options added to this setting to better customize as needed. The 4 options that should be available are:

Suggested - Push Notifications (ON/OFF) - to still record in case they need to be reviewed, but not alerting us each time someone walks by when in disarm mode for example.

Current option - Motion Detection (ON/ OFF) - toggle motion and vidieo capture

Suggested - Snapshots (ON/ OFF) - although I may not feel the need to monitor my devices in a certain mode, it is nice to pull up the app and scan through hourly snapshots. If someone left the front door open for example, if I look at snapshots, was it open since 1pm or 6pm? I also don’t like seeing my cameras in the app and seeing a hazy view from those cameras that are currently off. I would like to see a snapshot that everything is as expected without having to pull up live view.

Current option - Live View (ON / OFF) - Allows users to access live view


Great idea , I wanted something like this exactly for this purpose as well. I want a mode where motion is recorded but not alerted, and then another mode where Motion is recorded and alerted.