Additional Mode settings and schedule

Hello Ring team - firstly let me congratulate you all for a fabulous product and an app that is starting to improve in features and functionality . I currently have a Door Camera, 2 indoor cameras and 2 outdoor security camera/lights.

I understand the functions of the app and have set up my devices accordingly - however since the introduction of the modes I have struggled to be able to achieve what I think is a necessary set up. When I am
at home in the day I only want the door camera active but if I leave my home I would like the outdoor and indoor cameras to be active also when I go to bed - I know I can do this manually thru setting the mode to away but I can forget to do this and it’s not really ideal especially every night as well - my questions / ideas below

  1. Could the Modes be activated by the GPS location of my phone (this is similar to the Hive app for heating notifications)
    2 Again could the devices use a easier schedule for motion and notifications
  2. Could there be a mode for Bedtime as this could have a different setup go away.
  3. Could the mode setting use a schedule so that the mode works on times you go and get up from Bed - but can get overridden by the GPS location of you phone

Thanks and keep up the good work