Additional mode/s please

I would like to request that additional modes be available for the ring security alarm.
The existing modes are great but there is one additional mode (at least) that I believe all ring alarm owners would like, the Home Sleep mode. This would allow some primary doors to be changed to immediately alarm upon opening but others remain with the delay setting - front door only on delay for example, while back door and garage Change to immediate alarm. Plus, the motion sensors on the occupied bedroom floor/s would change to active.
This would mean that the motion sensors in the house where no activity is expected are active when you sleep and the main entry/exit door was the only one to enable late return to the property without alarming. Having only home, with just contact sensors, or all sensors, does not really reflect how houses operate at night. It is not uncommon for people to go to the toilet or have to get up to tend to children in the night so having a hall motion sensor deactivated at night on the bedroom floor (or floors if you have a town house) is very desirable. But having all the motion sensors in the house (depending how you have configured Home mode) in floors where no one is expected to be while you are all in bed, is not. To be honest. This is not a new concept. It has been around and implemented by other providers for many years, and being a programmer and knowing how to design and build systems and databases for many years too, having three modes is quite lazy. The extra effort to build an effectively limitless set of modes for an alarm system is not that difficult and ultimately the logic is contained within the app because the base unit only needs to send to each device an on/off (or an on with delay option) that you’d have to build for a three mode system with delay options anyway. Building systems with effective designs that prevent you having a world of complaints in reviews and forums about the lack of common real life scenario functionality is taking a shortcut without a tea dividend. When I think of deselecting features for version delivery schedules, I always consider what are the simple things they will be expecting, and never cut those. Adding two or three more customisable modes to accommodate most people’s basic needs would be a good investment of your development team’s time I believe. If you could add them, I would be grateful.
But to give you credit, I love many of the features you have, I just think this particular thing lets you down on something you don’t have to be let down on. Allow a mode rename feature and allow up to another 3 (there is not much reason for any restriction on numbers if I’m honest) modes and I reckon you would be left with a handful of owners who had reason to complain (none of there was no limitation)


There is a slight typo in the text above: the text reading “Plus, the motion sensors on the occupied bedroom floor/s would change to active.” should read Plus, the motion sensors on the NON occupied bedroom floor/s would change to active, I.e. groundfloor, and perhaps first floors for town houses.

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Agree 100%! Modes are a great improvement.

Another option might be to allow users to set another mode in addition to Disarm, Home, and Away. For us, this would allow us to have a Sleep mode that monitors our perimeter


A no delayed entry feature would be an excellent addition. The ability to push a button or combination of buttons on the keypad or within the app that disables the enter delay. This could also be incorporated in a new mode and is useful when everyone is at home at the time the system is armed.

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