Adding video function

Is there a way to add a ring camera to allow our ring intercom to show video when the buzzer is pressed? We have a ring intercom in a 2 storey block of flats (4 flats) and the intercom doesnt have video capability. I’d like to add video function so that when the buzzer is pressed it can show video as well. Is there a way to add an external camera so that i can see who is buzzing without actually having to add a ring video doorbell (which would defeat the object of having the intercom.

Hi @Grooverider, welcome to the Ring Community!!!

You have the option to add the following Compatible Ring devices:

  • Video Doorbells*
  • Security Cameras*
  • Chime Pro**

*All Ring Intercom features are accessible without a subscription. Ring Protect is required to enable audio and video recording for any Ring Video Doorbell or Security Camera that customers link to Ring Intercom.
**Chime Pro is compatible with Ring Intercom only as a wifi extender, and not as an in-home chime you hear when someone buzzes your intercom.

So if you are the owner of another Ring device on your property, such as a Video Doorbell or Security Camera, you can connect this device to your Ring Intercom via the Ring app, using the Linked Devices feature. With Linked Devices activated and a Ring Protect plan in place, a visitor interacting with your building intercom will trigger your other selected Ring device to start recording.

Hope this helps.