Adding Shared User But Comes Up As Owner?

I’m trying to add my wife as a shared user to our Ring Doorbell 2. Problem is that due to the fact I’ve lost my speech to a (slow form of) ALS we initially set her up as the owner years ago. However, because she hates technical stuff (she’s 70) we soon changed it to me as owner not long later.

Now when I try to add her as a shared user she gets the email and logs in but it still says she’s an Owner and as such wants her to add a device including scanning QR code instead of just granting her access to “my” Ring video doorbell.

How do we resolve this please? To complicate matters she uses an iPhone which I can’t drive so I’m trying to communicate to her what to do.


If she deletes her account totally can I then add her back in as a shared user under her original email?

Hi @Covo. I would not go down the route of deleting her account. When she logs into her account in the Ring app, where does it say that she is an owner? I recommend having her open the Ring app and, on the dashboard, check the name of the location in the top center of the screen. If she is a Shared User, it will say “Shared” next to the name of the location. Let me know what you see in her Ring app.