Adding or changing internet connection

I like Ring products, but it is frustrating to change or add internet WiFi connection to Ring products because the process is NOT SOFTWARE driven
Do do this I have to connect each device separately by accessing the activation button on each… With the Door Bell, the cover has to be removed , the button pressed the follow up on the software, Repeat for each Outdoor Cam, which is not easily reached.

This is 19th century process on a 29th century product… All IP driven product are software accessible… Why wouldn’t Ring implement this.

I’ve had to change Internet provides twice and also change or upgrade router and modem… This making the Ring connection process painf and unnecessarily frustrating…

I am planning to ad 2 additional Outdoor Cameras. but if this is not changed, Ring will loose me as a customer



I have insultated my home network from my ISP. I have my own router, switch and wifi access points. I just plug my router into the ISP cable modem. It does not matter who my ISP is or what they do, my local IP adddrresses and wifi is mine and never changes. Just a thought . . .

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Thanks Brad
If I stay with Ring I will consider your suggestion

Thank you for your feedback @Frank1! At Ring we value your security and privacy, and try our best to remain innovative with our devices. The setup process is designed to be as secure and precise as possible, to ensure dependability and accuracy when using the app. Something you may find interest in, is our power over Ethernet capable Stick Up Cams. If wifi connection is a concern, an Ethernet connection is always reliable. Check out our Stick Up Cam Elite here! :slight_smile:

My ring door bell is hard wired to the door. I can’t press the orange button for the re-set mode. It is painful to update WiFi if you update router or change password.

Totally agree with Frank. I have 2 video doorbell pros, and more importantly, 2 floodlight cams. One of the cams is located about 25’ in the air, as the driveway slopes up. I need to change my router password, but it’s ridiculous for me to have to higher a professional just so that person can bring a ladder tall enough. Security protocol recommends changing passwords frequently to protect self, but I feel Ring gives me no choice but to keep the password the contractors initially set (new home construction), which is too simple and easily hacked. This should be software driven. Come on Ring, help us out for those that have your products installed at a higher level.

The stick up cam does NOTHING for outdoor needs. As mentioned, I have 2 outdoor floodlight cams. I don’t have a ladder tall enough to reach the device (which is about 25 feet in the air). You need to have a software app that allows resetting the device without me having to higher a professional that has a 25 foot ladder. Ring is allowing a huge security hole by not addressing this issue. I installed these Ring products for a new home build, the contractor set a very easy password (easily guessed), and I feel i have no way to change because of the physical limitation. Not all cameras should be installed at 9 feet!

Absolutley agree - this is ridiculous. I have to update the wifi but my doorbell is screwed into the wall - I am not even sure how i’d go about taking it off and there’s absolutly no reason I should have to just to refresh the wifi connection. I am upgrading all my security soon and I don’t think Ring is going to have any part in it!!

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Doorbells come off with one screw… But you need the special bit that comes with it.

This process is ridiculous. Certainly makes one think about dropping Ring.

Mine has two screws and it uses a star bit which you can buy at a hardware store but I agree with everyone on here that having to take it apart to change the internet connection is ridiculous