Adding MyQ Garage door to Ring App

My biggest hurdle is linking amazon account and ring account. It keeps telling me that it has been link already and wouldn’t let me go any further. Called ring tech support then transfer to amazon. Both not helpful. Any suggestion?

I was able to get the MyQ garage door and sensor linked with ring. My question is why can’t the garage door be added to the security of ring? It show the status and the MyQ app will send my phone a notification but it will not set off the alarm. I would like to have ring go into alarm if the door is opened when set to “home” but not when “away.” Reason: if asleep, I want to be awakened if the door is somehow opened. If away, Amazon delivery or returning home should not go into alarm. This can be done by adding a second door sensor to the garage door but that would be redundant and the magnet doesn’t attach easily with door’s the lifting cable at the edges.

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Seem wrong that you can link MyQ but not use the door sensor. If you put motion sensor in garage, there is no way to trigger disarm countdown if you enter through garage door.

I’m in Canada. I really don’t understand why this link between ring and myq is only available in the US and why this link has anything to do with amazon account? Is that the business contract between ring and amazon/myq? weird.

When will this be resolved? I feel even if we are in Canada or anywhere where else, we should be able to link myq with ring, as it was one of the selling features when we buy the ring cam